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Who doesn’t want to have a white, beautiful smile? A perfect smile needs perfectly aligned, sparkling white teeth, and that is easily possible through Cosmetic Dentistry that facilitates making aesthetic changes to your teeth or gums. If you are looking for Cosmetic Dental treatments in Vaughan, White Pearl Dental is the best place.

It is not only for enhancing your facial beauty, but Cosmetic Dentistry also covers broken and worn-out teeth. By Closing the Teeth Gap, you can alter how you look and how you feel about yourself. After a Broken Tooth Repair, your confidence level will boost, and you will easily carry a confident smile.




White Pearl Dental offers a range of Cosmetic Dental services in Vaughan to bolster the confidence of our patients in their smiles. These include but are not limited to the following:

Teeth Whitening

Bright white teeth is something to flaunt. Many Cosmetic Dentists in Vaughan offer teeth whitening services, but only professional teeth whitening is a healthy, safe, and effective way to achieve white teeth. We at White Pearl Dental use the most effective and safest whitening chemicals. Our peroxide-based bleaching agents are designed to lighten the color of your teeth without harming the natural enamel and damaging the teeth. We understand that making your smile beautiful means adding to your confident and cheerful personality. We ensure your comfort and convenience with every dental procedure we carry out at White Pearl Dental Clinic.

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If you are not happy and satisfied with the shape and color of your teeth, you may need Dental Veneers. Unlike the common Cosmetic Dental procedures in Vaughan, White Pearl Dental provides the best Dental Veneers. If you have chipped, uneven, cracked, discolored, unevenly spaced, or imperfect teeth, our Vaughan Dentist, Dr. Mehrtash Nouriparto, will use tooth-colored shells to conceal your dental imperfections. Applying veneers made of either porcelain or resin improves the color and appearance of oddly shaped teeth.

The best part of Cosmetic Dentistry is that its procedures keep the natural appearance and function of teeth. At White Pearl Dental, we prefer porcelain veneers over resin-composite ones because of their strength and resistance to discoloration and staining. You need to visit the Vaughan Dentistry experts twice to apply porcelain veneers, while the application of composite veneers demands just a single dental appointment to our Cosmetic Dental clinic in Vaughan. It is essential to note the application of veneers is an irreversible procedure.

White Pearl Dental offers a range of Cosmetic Dental services in Vaughan to bolster the confidence of our patients in their smiles. These include but are not limited to the following:

Dental Bonding

To achieve a bright, even, and natural-looking smile, White Pearl Dental, our convenient Vaughan Dental office, offers dental bonding. Dental Bonding Services are beneficial for anyone with gapped, decayed, damaged, or discolored teeth. Composite resin, which matches the natural color of your teeth, is applied to the damaged teeth carefully to improve their appearance and function as well. It’s a painless cosmetic procedure involving minor drilling without requiring local anesthesia. It’s an affordable procedure requiring a single sitting, safe for kids too since it’s not irreversible like veneers.

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Veneers and dental bonding demand adequate care by regular flossing and brushing like natural teeth. They may wear and tear and require repair or replacement after a couple of years.

You need to be careful when biting and chewing hard food to avoid chipping. Call White Pearl Dental at +1 (289) 444-0461 today and get a free assessment of whether you are an ideal candidate for any Cosmetic Dentistry procedure.

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