Dental X-Ray & Examination in Vaughan

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Dental X-Ray & Examination in Vaughan

X-rays play an essential role in dental health and diagnosis, including the last molars’ backs in dental examination and evaluation of the teeth and gum line condition. They help us know whether any part of the tooth has undergone decay or any underlying infection. Tooth decay can be:

  • Under gum line
  • Between two teeth




In both cases, dentists cannot detect such dental problems through the naked eye, and hence dental examinations through X-Ray are done to get a more transparent and precise picture of the problem. X-Ray provides a better insight into the dental problem so that a dentist plans and carries out the treatment in the most effective manner. We all know and might have experienced the pain caused by the dislocation of wisdom teeth.

X-Ray is performed to determine the exact position of wisdom teeth to plan a safe and successful extraction surgery. Similarly, erupting teeth in children also causes considerable discomfort and irritation to little jaws. In that case, an X-Ray is done to precisely know the problem with erupting teeth. Tooth X-Ray helps detect the unseen trouble with the teeth. Still, it is also beneficial in other situations like viewing the existing dental filling to determine its current condition and health.


X-Ray is also done as a part of root canal treatment to assess the extent of damage to the nerves and even after performing a root canal to check and confirm whether the entire internal aspect of the tooth has been cleaned and washed before sealing and crowning it. In cosmetic procedures like braces, twin blocks, and retainers, a panoramic X-Ray is used to have a complete picture of the entire jaw, bone, and teeth.

Over the years, scientists have made significant improvements in technology, especially in computers and software. With every industry being computerized, the X-Ray images that used to be on a challenging film are now available as high-resolution digital images. These digital Tooth X-Ray can get zoomed multiple times for a better understanding and dental examination. By enhancing the digital images of X-Ray, dentists can now analyze the bone, jawline, gums, and roots of the teeth at White Pearl Dental. It facilitates minimizing the diagnostic error and aid the dentists in precisely defining the exact reason for pain or discomfort and treating the medical condition more effectively.


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We offer the most advanced and reliable Dental X-Ray & Examination in Vaughan at White Pearl Dental. We rely on the latest Digital X-Ray technology to employ a digital electronic sensor that captures the image and stores it in the computer for analysis and investigation. Digital Tooth X-Ray carried out in our clinic offer following advantages:

  • Images are formed instantly on a screen.
  • A high-Resolution digital X-Ray can be enhanced to detect the core issue.
  • Modern Digital X-Ray helps to reduce radiation exposure by up to 75-80%.

If there were no X-Ray, it would have been impossible to identify and diagnose many core problems related to teeth and jaw. We offer Dental X-Ray & Examination in Vaughan that reveals bone loss, cysts, tumors, decay of teeth, abnormalities, root positions, infected teeth from inside, or infection in gums with precision. Correctly diagnosing your dental problems and getting them treated in time will save you from pain and discomfort and save your time and money.

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