Do You Have Any Restoring Options for Your Tooth?

If you have been ashamed of smiling because of your noticeable dental problems, you need to know you aren’t alone! Many people suffer from visual dental issues, making them significantly embarrassed when they want to smile, talk or laugh with others. Fortunately, cosmetic dentistry has provided tooth restoration procedures to help these people have dreamy smiles just like they have always wished for. Here at White Pearl Dental, our dental experts provide you with top-quality dental services that give you a healthy, sparkling smile.  Tooth restoration treatments are designed to correct chipped, misaligned, decayed or fractured teeth and other dental damages. Many factors will be considered to know which type of restorative treatment suits you and can meet your needs perfectly. It may be probable for your dentist to perform a direct restorative treatment in one office visit if the damage is extensive. Direct tooth restoration is widely used to treat small areas of damage and correct other localized problems. On the other hand, your cosmetic dentist recommends having an indirect tooth restoration when you don’t have enough supporting tooth structure to restore your severely damaged tooth. Here we list the most popular tooth restoration options to make you aware of your available choices so you can make a wise decision.

Dental crowns: if your tooth is severely damaged or decayed, dental crowns are a fantastic option that will regain the color and function of your damaged tooth by covering it. There are many different types of cosmetic crowns that you can choose according to your personal preference and needs. Dental crowns provide complete protection and cover, reducing the risk of further dental problems, especially if you maintain a good oral hygiene. Furthermore, dental crowns are widely used after root canal therapy to cover the treated tooth as it is weaker than before.

Dental implants: if your dentist can’t save your tooth, they recommend dental implants. It is possible to replace your entire tooth during oral surgery with dental implants, including the root. You need to visit an implant dentist to know whether you have the proper qualifications to get dental implants since it’s a complicated surgery and not everyone can be a great candidate. Your implant dentists will perform steps of an oral examination to assess your condition and tell if you can be a candidate.

Tooth fillings: tooth decay is the most common dental emergency among people, and fillings are one of the most prevalent treatments dentists perform to treat cavities. Tooth decay can be caused due to different reasons like an acidic and high sugar diet, bacteria or poor oral hygiene. The important thing is receiving the proper treatment at the right time and not leaving the decayed tooth untreated. After getting tooth fillings, you can benefit from other cosmetic dental procedures to enhance your tooth appearance.

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