Root Canal Treatment in Vaughan

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Root Canal Treatment in Vaughan

“Root canal” is the natural cavity within the tooth. The root canal has a soft area inside it, called tooth pulp. Tooth pulp houses all the tooth’s nerves.

When the root of the tooth is damaged or inflamed, you may experience symptoms like severe pain, swelling, and even bleeding in some cases. However, some people don’t experience any symptoms until irreparable damage has already been done.




We at White Pearl Dental offer the best Root Canal Treatment in Vaughan. Root canal treatment is done to repair the damaged nerves and conserve a tooth that is badly infected and started decaying. The following common symptoms should get taken seriously:

    • If you experience pain in a critical area in your mouth
    • Sensitivity to cold or hot
    • Striking pain on the application of pressure on the tooth
    • Constant pulsating pain
    • Bumps may form around the affected area
    • Discoloration of the damaged tooth

Offering the most professional Root Canal Treatment in Vaughan, White Pearl Dental will take care of your dental needs when you contact us. The dentist will conduct a visual examination of your mouth and infected teeth plus an X-Ray to determine the spread and severity of infection in the surrounding bone. An X-Ray will also specify the shape of the dental root, which will guide in root canal treatment. The Endodontics in Vaughan is done professionally following the below-mentioned steps:

  • First of all, the dentist will administer local anesthesia to numb the area near your tooth.
  • The dentist will then remove the pulp, bacteria, nerve tissue, decay, the organic debris left over from the deterioration of nerve tissue, and bacterial growths from within the central aspects of a tooth by drilling an access hole through your infected tooth.
  • After the infected tooth is thoroughly cleaned and washed out, the dentist will fill the root canal and seal it with a custom crown so that bacteria can’t get back in.

Endodontics (Root Canal) Treatment in Vaughan

Root Canal Treatment in Vaughan will require at least a couple of visits to complete the procedure. After a root canal is performed successfully, you will not feel hot or cold; otherwise, the tooth will feel, look and function normally as before. Most patients believe that endodontics is a less painful treatment than receiving a filling in a tooth with a cavity.

Once the root canal treatment is performed on a tooth, the tooth will not have any blood supply, and it becomes susceptible to breakage. It is recommended to get a porcelain crown placed to strengthen and reinforce the tooth.

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