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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Vaughan

Wisdom Tooth Extraction is a frequent procedure done in dental clinics. Qualified and experienced dentists at White Pearl Dental perform wisdom tooth extractions to reduce the risk of infection and prevention cysts or tumor formation.





Dental veneers are not reversible because, during the procedure, a small portion of your tooth’s enamel is removed permanently. Bonding also serves a similar purpose, but veneers have a much longer color stability and life expectancy than bonding. There are two kinds of Dental Veneers in Vaughan, including:

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Any dental problem can be avoided by foreseeing expected problems in the future. Our credible Vaughan dentists will carry out a thorough oral examination and advanced CAT scan to spot the exact position of the impacted wisdom teeth. It will allow them to plan and perform Wisdom Tooth Extraction safely. We strictly follow sterilization and hygiene measures to ensure our patients’ health while using the latest monitoring equipment and methods.

Wisdom teeth are the final set of teeth to come out during adulthood around 17-25. They are the third molars in the rear of your mouth. These sets of teeth tend to cause problems and pain in the majority of people. Most often, wisdom teeth result in crowding and misalignment due to their impact because they are still trying to break through the gum line. It’s essential to visit our dentist, Dr. Mehrtash Nouriparto, every six months, even if you don’t experience any pain or discomfort, so that your oral health is examined regularly.

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Composite Dental Veneers

These molar teeth are grown improperly or partially in most people and may require Molar Tooth Extraction before accelerating infection or advanced stage problems. Following are the symptoms that indicate that your Wisdom Tooth Extraction is required

  • Pain
  • Damage to surrounding teeth
  • Repeated infections
  • Gum disease
  • Excessive tooth decay

Molar Tooth Extraction is not recommended in the following conditions:

  • Healthy wisdom teeth
  • Grown-in completely
  • Positioned properly
  • Biting properly with opposite teeth
  • Able to be cleaned appropriately daily

Our highly skilled and experienced dentist at White Pearl Dental will carefully examine your molar teeth and advice based on their placement and appearance. It may seem that the decision of Wisdom Tooth Extraction is straightforward, but that is not always the case. Our dental experts in impacted wisdom teeth removal will discuss the Molar Tooth Extraction options with you in detail, including pre and post-operative care, so that you can make an informed decision.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction is not as simple as any other teeth removal. Position and molar alignment will determine the complexity of the surgical procedure. The dentist may require a cut through the gums or bone during Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. For this reason, complete medical history and underlying medical conditions are taken into consideration before planning extraction. In some cases, simple x-rays of the mouth aren’t enough, and a panoramic X-ray is required to capture the entire jaw and teeth positioning in a single image. Local anesthesia is given before an operation.

In most cases, the surgery site is closed with dissolving stitches. It may take a couple of days to heal completely. Also, post-operative healing may require even a week, depending on the patient. Post-op care is crucial to avoid infection and possible complications. After Wisdom Tooth Extraction, the patient needs to be careful about:

  • Activity Level
  • Intake of Food and Beverage
  • Pain Management
  • Bleeding
  • Swelling and Bruising
  • Cleaning and Brushing
  • Use of Tobacco
  • Care for Stitches


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